What are some must know tricks and hacks in life?

What are some must know tricks and hacks in life? by Nisarg Soni

Answer by Nisarg Soni:

Here are some hacks:

  • Get the WiFi password to almost anywhere by checking the comments on Foursquare.
  • Placing an envelope in the fridge for an hour will unseal it. A good tip to know if you forgot to include something.
  • Drinking two cups of water before meals can make you lose an average of 4.5 more pounds within 12 weeks than if you don’t.
  • Mosquito bite? Press a HOT spoon onto the bite. The heat will destroy the chemical heat caused by the reaction and the itching will stop.
  • Solve “spot the difference” puzzles instantly by crossing your eyes. The differences will appear immediately.
  • Don’t know what to get someone for birthday? Have them make three guesses of “what you got them”. BOOM, three things he/she wants.
  • If you ever have to park in a city at night, park in front of a bank. Why? They’re lit up and have cameras everywhere.
  • To clean a microwave: Put a bowl of water inside and microwave for 3 minutes. The steam will moisten everything up making cleaning simple!
  • Hold the floor number and door closing number at the same time while riding an elevator to skip all of the other floors.
  • If someone hands you gum and you want to know if it is sugarless, fold it in a half. Sugarless gum will break, but normal gum will just bend.
  • If you drop an earring, ring, or small screw simply turn off the lights and look with a flashlight. They’ll light right up.
  • On camera, wearing yellow makes you look bigger and wearing green makes you look smaller.
  • Exhale when your left foot hits the ground to avoid cramps while running.
  • To stop yourself from vomiting, eat a mint/chew minty gum.
  • Struggling to grasp a concept at school/work? Try Googling the subject with “site:edu” and “type:ppt”. This will give you power-point presentations on the given subject from universities.
  • Have a good 20 minute work out in the morning. Then you can be lazy for the rest of the day, and you won’t feel guilty!
  • Sugar can cure a burnt tongue.
  • Putting your phone on airplane mode will stop ads while playing games.
  • Wrinkly shirt? Throw it in the dryer with a few ice cubes for 5 minutes. Wrinkles gone.
  • A cure for headaches: Take a lime, cut it in half, and rub it on your forehead. The throbbing should go away.
  • If a disk is skipping, rub a banana over it to seal the scratches. Remember to wipe it off before you stick it back in.
  • Need to tell a believable lie? Include an embarrassing detail, nobody doubts a story that makes you look dumb.
  • Getting nauseous from reading in a car? Tilt your head side to side and it’ll go away.
  • If you have a tough decision flip a coin, not to decide for you, but you’ll realize what you really want when it’s in the air.
  • Lick your wrist and smell it. This is what your breath smells like to others.
  • Put that you were Time’s 2006 person of the year on CV. in 2006, Time made “Everyone” the person of the year.

EDIT- adding some more:

  • To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, double the Celsius number and add 28.
  • Life tip: If you have to yell, you already lost the argument.
  • When trying to look for percentages (eg. 40% of 300) drop the 1st digit of the number and multiply by the 10s digit of the %(4 * 30 = 120).
  • Simply touching money has been proven to reduce physical and emotional pain.
  • If you peel a banana from the bottom, you won’t have to pick the little “stingy things” off of it.
  • If a man takes a pregnancy test and it comes back positive, he may have testicular cancer.
  • Buying something from Amazon? Buy it on smile.amazon.com. Part of the proceeds go to a charity of your choice.
  • On lozo.com you can put in everything on your shopping list and it will give you coupons for each item.
  • Sleeping on your right side helps you fall asleep faster than sleeping on your left side.
  • Always feel tired even after getting a good, long sleep? You’re probably dehydrated, drink some water right when you wake up.
  • Having trouble falling asleep? Try the 4–7–8 technique: 4 second inhale, 7 second hold, 8 second release, and repeat. It really works.

What are some must know tricks and hacks in life?


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