Do people get tired of learning how to code?

Do people get tired of learning how to code? by @WebDev_Cave

Answer by Ayoub Nejjari:

Please Don’t quit!

It’s very normal to get tired. It’s very normal to get frustrated, feel sick, have headaches, and want to quit. maybe you’ll feel bored sometimes. But Just Don’t! If you feel tired then that means you are putting efforts and doing your best which is a very good thing! Work isn’t fun, if it’s not tiring, then we shouldn’t call it WORK, right? Especially if you don’t have a passion for it, but that’s not a reason to quit, and I’ll tell you why:

First, Great things never come from Comfort Zone. It’s always hard to push yourself to the next level, because it requires something more than your usual. It requires additional efforts and energy, which tires us physically and mentally, but don’t think about that. Think about the result, think about the achievement, you’ll be in the next level, you’ll take a step towards the top, no matter how small it is, It is still a step!

Second, programming and software development can be very exhausting even for the very experienced gurus in the field, you should know that, this is how it works, it is always challenging, after all it’s all about problem solving, right? Especially, because you are expected to come up with the best solution possible. You should be comfortable with tiredness and exhaustion. 😉

Thirdly, This thing isn’t about smartness. It’s about practice, and the more you practice the concept the easier it will be for you. Also, it’s very normal to find something hard to get the first time you run into it. That’s something inevitable. You need a proof? Try to read about something new with total focus, even if you don’t understand it. Then, try to read it a second time.I am so sure that you will find it easier than the first time, and many things will make sense this time. Try to google the terms you don’t understand. Then come back, read it the third time. Try that and tell me! 😉

Let me give you some advises!

  • Don’t work alone, always work in a group if you Can
  • Train yourself to work with discipline not motivation! Motivation is not reliable trust me!
  • Always try to understand new concept using different resources, that will help seeing the concept from different perspectives which will help you better get it.
  • Frustration, boredom, tiredness, exhaustion, are all normal, very normal, they don’t indicate that you are not the right person for software development, They Say You are putting Effort and doing your best!
  • Practice, and Always ask! believe me Quora and Stack-overflow are my best friends, and there are always people who are willing to help, you can get the best answers to your questions with them! I remember reading two books to understand a concept related to computer networking, I couldn’t get it, and it took me writing one sentence asking about it here in Quora, after 4hs, I felt like I am the happiest man on earth.

Please Don’t Quit! You’re in the right path!

Do people get tired of learning how to code?


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