Why words matter?

Words!! From the ancient period to the modern world, from the early man to modern people, from the ancient scripts to the modern WhatsApp emojis, the one thing is still unchangeable, it is nothing but the words. The style and fonts of the words change periodically with the evolution of time, but it uniquely conveys something to the world.
A proverb, “A Pen is mightier than Sword” clearly explains the power of words in this world. Words are nothing but the facts that conveys something to the society. A positive word becomes the vibrations and inspirations to the person and the negative words become threats to the person.
There is a saying that “Our mind is the best servant but worst master”. The words that arise in our mind also follow the same. One of greatest Tamil poet and the philosopher, Thiruvalluvar, has literally narrated the power of words in just seven words.
“When pleasant words are easy, bitter words to use, Is like, leaving sweet ripe fruit, the sour unripe to choose.”
Words have the power to create an impact in the readers or the listener’s mind. According to the butterfly theory, the butterfly wings has the power to cause the hurricane in China. Then what about our words? Words are an extremely super power which should be handled with care.
The deadliest weapon is nothing but one’s tongue. It has the most supernatural power to kill the person instantly. Words spoken from a podium must be heard. Jokes cracked in private must be ignored.
In the famous water crystal experiments conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, words were shown to have a transformative impact on a molecular level. Words like JOY, LOVE, GRATITUDE were taped on water containers. Then the water was frozen into crystals that, when observed under a microscope, looked like beautiful and uniquely patterned snowflakes. But when words like HATE or FEAR were used, the crystals were disfigured, asymmetrical, or unformed.
Even the crystal shapes become beautiful while using smoothly. Then you, not our human life? Try to use the power of words as because of word matters!!!
Ramya Chinnadurai

How do I get rid of this laziness and procrastination?

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

How many times have you said that in your life?

I used to say it a lot when I was in college. I’ll just study tomorrow. I’ll catch up on homework tomorrow.

Once, I kept saying it until the day of the final exam. Guess what happened? I failed the class.

Since then, I’ve worked in 8 jobs over a span of 14 years and have risen the ranks – I started as a receptionist and now I’m a VP at a fast growing company. I’ve learned a lot on how to motivate myself to take action.

Here are  top  tips on how to overcome procrastination and laziness:

  1. Fail – Sometimes failure can actually be a good thing for you. It can act as a wake up call. When I failed my college course, it felt like someone dumped a bucket of ice on me, shook me and scolded, “Get your act together!” So what happened? I retook the course, went to every single class, did every homework assignment diligently and even went to professor hours. I was so embarrassed of my failure that I made a promise to myself that I would never let that happen again. I ended up acing the course.
  2. Stop thinking, start doing – Sometimes we end up thinking about something so much that we’re literally exhausted from it and don’t have the energy to take action. Don’t over plan. Don’t over think. Don’t wonder all day. Do something. Anything.Sometimes the most important thing is simply to get started. Once, I spent months debating what my website should be focused on (should it be focused on motivation, career development or personal growth?) Finally, after months went by, I launched a blog on career development. It completely flopped. Most of my readers were my friends (thanks for the support!). I wish I had spent those months writing instead of planning. I would have gotten my answer so much faster. So what have I done since? Every product or idea I’ve done since I’ve tried to implement as quickly as possible. For example, my new motivational website CEO Lifestyle became popular pretty quickly and now has over 10,000 subscribers! Now I’m motivated because of the success I’ve seen and it’ll started from the decision to take action immediately.
  3. Use the single tab rule – The single tab rule is simple. When you’re on your computer working on something important, only have one single tab open so that you can focus all of your energy on it. Don’t surf the web, don’t check for new tweets every 5 seconds and don’t constantly refresh your Facebook feed. The single tab rule also applies offline as well. Stay focused my friends.
  4. Listen to motivational stories – Here’s one podcast story that inspires me every time I think about it.
  5. Watch an inspiring YouTube video – I was on a flight feeling a bit out of it one day. I felt a big tired, sluggish and generally not really motivated. And then my friend sent me this motivational video and it completely inspired me. It’s amazing what a great video can do. Don’t underestimate the power of visual persuasion.

Credits:Nelson Wang